Green Wall


Powering a cleaner, greener world. 


We want to be engineers of a sustainable future

We are driven by the vision of a healthy, safe and sustainable future. We know that sustainable development is not possible without cleaner, renewable sources of power. Advancing renewable energy will promote economic growth, create new jobs, improve the lives of people, reduce climate change and protect the environment.


We believe in the power of solar. Do you?

Every hour the world receives enough energy from the sun to power the entire planet for a year.

Our goal is to help every business become its own clean power station. Solar is the most scalable and versatile renewable energy technology that exists today. We want to focus on the reliable, free, endless resources of the sun to change the way businesses consume energy. Bentley Green Vision Fund helps organisations generate their own energy, save money, and protect the environment.

Image by Ruben Engel
Image by Jeremy Zero


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