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Solar is the most scalable and versatile renewable energy technology that exists today. We saw an opportunity to harness the reliable, endless resources of the sun in order to enable organisations to reduce their carbon footprint in a cost-effective manner. Drawing on the wealth of expertise and resources of our founding companies, Bentley Investments and Mariposa Energía, we have brought together a team of experts and created a simple, efficient way for your organisation to go green. Switching to solar with no capital outlay is now possible - in partnership with The Bentley Green Vision Fund. 

"I firmly believe that there is no Planet B. Saving this world, protecting the environment for future generations; it is more than just our responsibility, it's our purpose."

Martin Tye - Managing Director 

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Established over two decades ago, Bentley Investments has a wealth of experience managing and developing business opportunities, be it in real estate, technology or sustainability. With a portfolio of projects under its belt both at home and abroad, it's latest project, EuroCity, is a £100 million investment transforming Gibraltar's business district, and winning 6 European Property Awards. Having seen firsthand the positive financial and environmental impact generated through sustainable building and solar installations in their own projects, Bentleys now strives to bring the same benefits to other businesses and organisations through it's energy-efficient initiative - the Bentley Green Vision Fund.


Collaboration with talented partners who share our values continues to be essential to our success. Highly focused on customer satisfaction, Mariposa Energía pride themselves on their committed approach, providing superior products combined with a quality service. Led by a senior management team with dozens of years of experience in renewables, Mariposa Energía has established itself as one of mainland Spain's premier green energy installers and providers, completing over 70 projects in the last 12 months alone. 

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We are committed to high standards, focusing on exceptional service and the delivery of sustainable value. Our knowledge of the market gives our experts an unparalleled ability to support our clients with personalised, high-end installations and long term support. 

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